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NFL analysis: The day after … Week 1

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Are you looking for scores, recaps, highlights, and predictions all in one place? In this segment, I will try to give a quick recap of what happened yesterday in my own words and give a quick prediction of what I see happening on Monday night. Alvin Kamara started off the scoring on Sunday afternoon and Aaron Rodgers sent us to bed with a nightcap.

Just another day in the NFL. 

Here’s the rest of the day’s action:

Ravens 47, Bills 3

For the Bills, this was like a bad Seinfeld episode. Nathan Peterman played like a member of the All-Time Scab Squad (5-18, 24 YDs, 2 INTs), while Joe Flacco looks to be resurrecting his career. His revamped receiving core will make him enjoy throwing the rock. As for Buffalo, the rookie campaign of Josh Allen looks to continue while Peterman can drop his resume off at the nearest bus depot. I heard they were hiring.

Browns 21, Steelers 21

Well, it’s not a loss. The Browns desperately wanted to win, but they still played like a team who doesn’t know how to manage a game. From attempting the game winning kick with too much time left on the clock, to the puzzling play calls down the stretch makes you wonder if this team will ever get it. Thank God for Myles Garrett, who lived in the Steelers backfield all day. Speaking of the Steelers, James Conner made the best of his opportunity to showcase his talents and AB was simply AB.

Bengals 34, Colts 23

Just hold onto the ball, Mr. Doyle. Andrew Luck’s return didn’t end the way it was planned, but he proved he can still play QB in the NFL. On the other side, the Bengals can be an exciting team if Andy plays efficient. Joe Mixon showed he can tote the rock, while John Ross finally showed up. Let’s see if they can keep it up.

Dolphins 27, Titans 20

It’s a twister, Dorothy! It’s a twister. In a wacky game that had over two hours worth of delays, Kenny Stills showed the Dolphins he can handle the pressure of being a top target. Tannehill looked smooth, while MM still didn’t impress.

Vikings 24, 49ers 16

Now Jimmy, didn’t your QB coach tell you to never stare down your receivers? This, combined with a lack of consistency for the WR position, caused the tea to stumble. Paging Dez…

Patriots 27, Texans 20

The Patriots always erase the opposing team’s top player. This week they combined to put a hault on two, Hopkins and Watson. This is the year Tom Brady slows down says no one with sheer certainty.

Bucs 48, Saints 40

This is not a drill. Wait, I thought I was still sleeping. The Gander Mountain Sales rep who decided to slap on a NFL Uniform this week can return it to aisle 9. Sean Peyton will have a long week. Oh, and Kamara is the real deal.

Jaguars 20, Giants 15

Blake Bortles is still Blake Bortles and the Giants still have an open door policy on the offensive line. Saquon played hesitant at first, and then learned his line stinks and he would have to do all the work. Oh, and the all white uniforms for Jacksonville need to be retired.

Chiefs 38, Chargers 28

Tyreek Hill, Tyreek Hill, Tyreek Hill. We all knew Big Red had something up his sleeve, but this offense is special. Hill was running like Usain Bolt, while Mahomes was dealing like Nolan Ryan. 2018 will be an exciting years for the Chiefs.

Redskins 24, Cardinals 6

The era of Sammie Sleeves looks to still be in 1st gear while Adrian Peterson looked like a man reborn. Jay Gruden has a lot of shiny toys to play with in Washington. The question is, can he keep them from breaking.

Panthers 16, Cowboys 8

Does Cam ever look rattled? While the Panthers walked away with a victory, they lost Greg Olsen in the process. On the other sideline, the Cowboys will be looking for someone to make a play on the outside all year while Zeke will have to work his way through an eight man front for 16 weeks.

Broncos 27, Seahawks 24

Case proves to be solid force under center, while Russ is still running around to make plays. If the defense stays hungry, Denver will be tough to beat all year.

Packers 24, Bears 23

My quarterback is better than yours. The magic man made life surreal once again in the NFL. AR did what most can’t do on two legs, let alone one. Simply amazing!

Looking ahead to Monday Night:

Jets vs. Lions (Prediction….NYJ 20, DET 23)

The Lions have a new HC, while the Jets are donning a new era in NY. The Darnold era! In a action packed game, I like Matt Patricia to do what he does best, shut guys down not named Nick Foles.

Rams vs. Raiders (Prediction….LAR 31, OAK 24)

I am a Gruden guy, but the Mack trade still makes me wonder. Jared Goff comes to town and Mr. Gurley is hungry. Who is going to stop him?

Until next week…

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