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Game of Kweens: Season 8 premiere brings dragons & reunions

Game of Thrones returned to our TV screens this past Sunday, April 14th. The hype, anticipation, and intensity that has swelled for over a year finally came to a head three days ago. The show introduced a new intro, gave its audience a mix of emotional reunions, and hinted at the doom that is quickly coming. Winterfell welcomed Daenerys and her full army, King’s Landing prepared for the fallout in the North, and Game of Kweens is here to give you all the details. Click below and listen for the breakdown of the new alliances, mounting tensions, and Bran’s epic staredown.


For recaps of the previous seasons, click here.


(Graphics by Andersen Cupid)

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Recap: Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 1, Winterfell 

“I think she’s suspicious. She knows something is up.”  

See you next week for our breakdown of Episode 2! The runtime for Game of Thrones is 58 minutes, so buckle up! We’ll be live tweeting the episode @GameOfKweens

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