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Phillies in a Flash: Jason Vargas, Phillies vs. Giants preview

After a shitty weekend for the Phillies, our attention quickly shifts to another shiny object – the MLB trade deadline. On this edition of Phillies in a Flash, Sean Brace (@Sean_Brace), Jon Jansen (@jjansen34), and Greg Hall (@WePodAndWeKnow) discuss all things Phillies in under 10 minutes!

First up, former Mets starting pitcher Jason Vargas. And while Vargas is nothing to make you believe a World Series is imminent, it is a move that bolsters the starting rotation. Sad. I just wish the Mets were willing to part with any other starter besides Vargas.

We also discussed what went wrong in the Braves series, why it was so damn lopsided, and a quick preview of the upcoming Giants series. Press play, and make sure you subscribe, rate, and review this podcast and others on the Philly Influencer feed!


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