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DAILY TICKET PODCAST: Mark Drumheller fires away at Week 9 including the Patriots first big test of the season

Mark Drumheller joins the Daily Ticket with Sean Brace on Fox Sports The Gambler.  Mark carries his 14-5 record over the last 3 weeks into a week highlighted by a huge Sunday Night prime time matchup. First, he takes you to the desert where the 49ers and Cardinals do battle in an divisional AFC West matchup. Then, he goes overseas to London and explains where the value is in Minshew mania.  His targeted total has hit three consecutive weeks and he is dialed in on two weak defenses in Oakland. The entire NFL will have eyes on Lamar Jackson Sunday night. Mark gives you extra motivation to tune into the Patriots vs Ravens as he unleashes his information on why the Ravens are a live dog. Plus, he gives you the best Halloween candy.

NFL Week 9 Preview includes :

  • Why Kyler Murray has the skill set to attack the 49ers vulnerable spots on defense.
  • How the public has pushed the Jaguars into a position they are not prepared to capitalize on.
  • All the reasons 50 points is not enough for this weekends shootout between Matt Stafford & David Carr.
  • UAB’s disruptive defense and why it will be effective against the Volunteers Saturday night.
  • Lamar’s chances versus Belichick, and Baltimore’s defensive improvements.



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