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Daily Ticket: Drumheller on key trends for the divisional round, teaser opportunities and more

Mark Drumheller joins Thursday’s Daily Ticket with Sean Brace on Fox Sports The Gambler.  It’s the premiere weekend of the NFL playoffs as the Divisional Round kicks off this weekend. The Wizard waves his wand at Kirk Cousins one more time, and wonders if he can escape the well-rested pass rush of the San Francisco 49ers. He examines why Xavier Rhodes biggest challenge will be head referee Walt Anderson. The Titans defense held Tom Brady in check, but Drumheller details why rust might play a bigger factor in the Raven’s ability to score early on Tennessee. The Texans closed as +3.5 point underdogs in Week 6 before they routed the Chiefs in Arrowhead. Drumheller reveals why it’s doesn’t make sense to give away 9.5 points this time around. He attacks the narrative of Andy Reid’s success after the bye, and paves a clear path for the Texans to cover. It’s Aaron Rodgers versus Russell Wilson, but it could be a different Aaron that makes the Packers offense explosive on Sunday night. Get all the information you need on all the NFL’s Divisional Round playoff games right here.

Divisional Round Weekend preview includes:

    • NFL Feature Play: The 49ers defensive line will set the tone against the Vikings.
    • Playoff Parlay: Andy Reid off a bye is stronger to the total than to the side.
    • Why the two week layoff for the Ravens could lead to relinquishing one of their biggest advantages.
    • Why you shouldn’t let the point spread factor into your decision to back the Pack in the frozen tundra.

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