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Fantasy Firebox: MLB 3B DFS finds; off-season QB fantasy rankings

Nolan Arenado dives to his right, gets the ball, and is making a throwing motion to first or second base, wearing a purple Colorado Rockies jersey with white striped pants.

Are you ready for some off-season fantasy football talk? Let’s get into our way too early QB rankings for 2021!

The NBA DFS game isn’t easy, but if you take a closer look, you will find value on a nightly basis. Can guys like Mike Conley Jr. and Delon Wright help you win consistently?

How many Major League Baseball games will be played is anyone’s guess. However, the third base position is packed with some supreme talent. Who stands out to you?

We get into everything tonight on the show as we continue to sprinkle in the betting aspect as well. We talk totals, futures, and spreads to keep an eye on.

Tony (@TCutillo23), Dan (@dmgteach) and John (@PGHJohn36) get into it all on this episode!

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