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Your Morning Brew for March 22, 2021

We’re back at it again with a new Morning Brew. NFL free agency is off and running with players like A.J. Green, Jamaal Williams, Jalen Mills, Patrick Peterson, and much more on the move. WWE Fastlane took place last night and the WrestleMania picture is starting to become a bit more clear. The NCAA tournament is up and running and there’s already been many upsets. This and so much more, so let’s not keep you waiting any longer. Here’s your cup of Brew.

The Patriots’ TEs are going to be a problem

Belichick’s moves are getting rave reviews

Prepare yourself for Nelson Agholor to become one of the best receivers in the game πŸ™‚

Jalen Mills? He’s heading to the Patriots, too

The Carson Wentz trade to the Colts is now official

Wentz has a new number and it was revealed in pretty awesome fashion

Eagles show some love to Wentz

Carson’s first touchdown in Indy

Jamaal Williams said goodbye to Green Bay

And hello to Detroit

A.J. Green is heading to Arizona

The Bengals gave a nice tribute video to Green

The Washington Football team got themselves another weapon at wide receiver with Curtis Samuel

Washington signed a pretty decent QB, too

Bears fans got played

Russell Wilson still could be traded

The Eagles released Malik Jackson and Alshon Jeffery

Thanks for the memories, Alshon

And how could we ever forget this?

Patrick Peterson is heading to the Vikings

Former Temple Owl Hasson Reddick and the Panthers agree to deal

John Brown to the Raiders

Trent Williams will still be a bad man in San Francisco

Michael Brockers … lol

Jared Cook to the Chargers

The Giants just got better

DeSean Jackson to the Rams

Lamar Jackson right now

The Eagles remain a mess

Nick Sirianni loves ball

The Eagles signed Anthony Harris

Roman Reigns is still the Head of the Table after Fastlane

Family is everything

Alexa Bliss vs. Randy Orton was what we thought it would be

Some would say it was fire

The Fiend returned to help Alexa Bliss get the W

Drew McIntyre showed up to Fastlane with a new look

Despite the face paint, McIntyre took down Sheamus

Shame on the NCAA

This is what happens when you punch the bully where it hurts

Welcome to March Madness, Oral Roberts!

Back-to-back upsets for Oral Roberts

Ohio upset the defending champs Virginia, and the party afterwards was crazy!

Bye, Texas

When your fans have this much swag, you can’t lose

Sorry, Illinois

Sister Jean FTW

Purdue … it was nice seeing you

Rutgers choked

So, about the Big 10?

This feels about right

Look at this heat

America has a white supremacy problem

You’d never be able to tell from these press conferences, though

Should we be surprised?

The media plays a part in this as well

Thankfully the suspect’s parents helped the police

It’s unreal how this happens

Falcons kicker Younghoe Koo spoke out on the shootings

Mitch McConnell always turns a blind eye if it doesn’t suit his politics

This video…

Kevin McCarthy’s motto – when all else fails just lie and try to scare people

All you need to know about Marjorie Taylor Greene is right here

Vanessa Bryant has had enough

Vladamir Putin vs. President Biden

A doctor vs. a faux doctor

Fake batch of COVID-19 vaccines were seized

COVID-19 is real

This is the Florida governor’s fault

Well said

And here is Mr. Ignorant – Governor DeSantis

Wu-Tang forever

Chef & Ghostface


Let’s catch these people

I would not have wanted to be on the receiving end of this

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