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Your Morning Brew (4/19/21): Sixers, Jake Paul “Fight”, a tale of two Americas, and more

The Philadelphia Union are back on Fox Sports The Gambler for the next two years! The Sixers are rolling right now. Notorious DB Jake Paul won a “fight” on Saturday night. More mass shootings, and there’s a clear double standard in America that needs to be addressed before more lives are lost.

Let’s go:

The Gambler and The Philadelphia Union continue their partnership


Joel Embiid is a man on a mission

The Sixers are rolling right now

They’re focused

The Eagles make no sense

More Eagles news


Bryce Harper mashed another one on Sunday


YouTube guy Jake Paul won a “fight”

Paul’s reaction is a tad over the top

This is perfect


Ben Askren won’t fight again

Ben Askren … the happiest loser of a “fight” ever

Not everything is grand for Jake Paul

Paul responded

Another week, another mass shooting in America

The shooter

Hate crime?

We live in Two Americas



Same city, same week…

Another example

Sean Hannity … paid jackass

But Kyle Rittenhouse was a 17-year-old boy

Once a racist, always a racist

It’s unbelievable

Black Rob has passed away


Is America going to finally get out of Afghanistan?

What an absolute embarrassment these two are

You can’t make this stuff up

We see you, Ron

Bad news for Roger

PA National guard has been activated

UFO video real?

This man is insane

Even OAN knows they’re a joke

Best headline ever?

Aaron Donald has been vindicated

Julian Edelman has retired

Pat McAfee has landed on SmackDown

Another round of WWE releases

Steph Curry makes it look easy

Mookie saves the day

Nate Diaz gets killed

Beer pong

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