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Your Morning Brew (7/26/21): Giannis rules, AEW signing who?, and more

It’s that time again. We’re back with an all new Morning Brew. Juicy wrestling rumors are brewing involving the possibility of both CM Punk and Daniel Bryan heading to AEW. That, for sure, could potentially change the landscape of professional wrestling. Meanwhile, the Milwaukee Bucks took home the NBA Championship after downing the Phoenix Suns in six games. The Greek Freak was just too much for the Suns, dropping 50 points in the series-clinching game. We have this and so much more for you in today’s Brew.

Daniel Bryan to AEW?

If so, this looks about right

More Bryan clues perhaps

But wait, it could be even bigger than one could imagine

Some are saying it’s a done deal

I’m sure he’s not the only one that would feel this way

Something is definitely brewing here, check out Punk’s IG post

Now seems like a great time to take a look back at the infamous “Pipe Bomb”

While on the subject of AEW, here was a fun little moment this week with Sting

Annnnd neeeewwwwwww NBA Champions

The final score

The Bucks celebrate

Super classy moment from Monty Williams

The Finals MVP

Crazy scene in Milwaukee

Viewership for the NBA Finals

The Eagles signed another cornerback

An announcement from the NFL regarding COVID-19

Tom Brady had some fun at the White House

The Colts throwbacks are nice!

The Packers are in trouble

Nobody should ever listen to Kevin McCarthy

Here’s who McCarthy nominated to the January 6th Commission

Nancy Pelosi objected to two of the nominations for legitimate reasons

Pelosi went on to make a great decision here

Country over Party is how it should be

Jim Jordan is famous for a coverup of horrendous crimes

And more on Jordan the dirtbag

This guy is a legend

Madison Cawthorn knows a thing or two about lying for fame and fortune

Don the Con learned a new word

Jeff Bezos flew on a penis into space

The labor union was not happy with Bezos

This is what having too much money looks like

Here was the landing

New Kanye West music for those that care about him

Kanye West is also wearing pantyhose on his head these days

The Flyers made another trade

The Ghost is vanishing from Philadelphia

And another one…

Meet the Seattle Kraken

Dak Prescott returns from injury

The WWE SmackDown broadcast team is awesome

Cleveland’s baseball team gets a new name

USA Basketball is not very good

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