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Your Morning Brew (7/6/21): July 4th, NBA Finals, Cosby, and more

We’re back from another long, glorious weekend. The July 4th celebrations were everywhere you looked. The NBA Finals are about to kick off this week with the Milwaukee Bucks taking on the Phoenix Suns. Yes – I know that’s crazy and the stars should’ve been aligned for the Sixers to get to the Finals. But, life happens and here we are. Also, in a rather sickening turn of events – Bill Cosby had his conviction overturned due to a technicality and thus proving yet again, that when you’re rich – the odds are in your favor to get away with virtually anything. We have a lot to cover this week, so let’s get to it. It’s Brew time.

Bryce Harper has his preference

The Phillies have a couple players going to the All-Star game

Here are your All-Star game starters

Walk-off bomb by Brad Miller

Nice gesture by Tatis, Jr.

Nothing like a little fight at CBP

Was the process a failure?

Scott O’Neil leaves the Sixers

No thank you

It’s NBA Finals time

Here’s the schedule

Will Giannis miss game 1?


Well said

That’s the way the cookie crumbles

Cool photo

White Nationalist dweebs showed up in Philadelphia

Punish em!

How it started vs How it ended

Fireworks across the city

What did you think of these?

New York City fireworks

Happy Birthday, America!

A disaster in Ocean City, Maryland

Another angle

A 4th of July message from Matthew McConaughey

I guess Mark Zuckerberg is showing us how much he loves America

This dude is pumped

The Colts have some 4th of July fun

What an absolute joke

People are right to be furious

Phylicia never should’ve opened her mouth

Howard University responded to Rashad’s tweet

Rashad tried to backpedal

Cry some more, Bill

These are Brave women

Because of course he’s planning this

And now this sicko is trying to pull some nonsense

Tucker Carlson lies for a living

I agree with this

The NSA responds to the big liar

Ted Cruz loves when the spotlight is on him

Lock them all up!


Be careful, folks

This bank robber isn’t very smart

Give me a break

It’s a Hard Knock Life

Does anyone really care about LeBron and his son’s High-School game?

Not a good look for Rachel Nichols

Joey Chestnut is a hot dog loving legend

This is crazy

A statement from the NHL

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