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Your Morning Brew (8/16/21): Eagles preseason, Field of Dreams, and more

We’re back at it again with an all new Morning Brew. Preseason football is back and we’re now officially counting the days until the regular season starts. The Eagles showed some glimpses of promise against the Steelers in the pre-season opener. We’re also counting the days until Ben Simmons gets traded. Yes – he’s still here, but for how much longer. The MLB put on a pretty awesome show when the Yankees played the White Sox at the Field of Dreams. The delta variant is causing havoc across the country and the mask mandate is officially back in Philly. Let’s get right to it, it’s Brew time.

Steelers take the W in preseason game 1

Sirianni and the team take the field

Quez Watkins ladies and gentlemen

Nice play


Well deserved

The Bodyguard is going to Chicago

Oh really, Ben?

Say the words Dame

Has Simmons been coddled?

It’s Ben Simmons shooting a jump shot in the gym time

The Field of Dreams


Heaven in Iowa

What an opening

The Star of the Show

I didn’t see this one coming

This slide though…

No Hitter

New mask mandate for Philadelphia

The Eagles update their policy

Ron DeSantis is a petty man

The White House responds

DeSantis would rather you die, just to own liberals

Schools are fighting back against DeSantis

Austin, TX is in deep trouble

The Texas Governor is a jackass too

We’re doomed

It’s always the ones that scream the loudest

The walls are closing in on Matt Gaetz


The Proud Boys nerd herd took their show to LA

More on the shenanigans

The LAPD spins it to protect their boys

Andrew Cuomo resigns

More on Cuomo

Yeah… why not?

I haven’t seen Republican leadership call for this nut job’s resignation yet

Afghanistan is a mess

Census data from 2020 is released

Airbnb news

This is a shame

Ross & Rachel together in real life?

Bray Wyatt news


John Cena and Roman Reigns promo

Got him!

I thought AEW was for the up-and-comers?

Fans fight at the Rams game

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