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Your Morning Brew (9/13/21): Eagles-Falcons, College Football, September 11, and more

We’re back at it again with an all new Morning Brew and we’re not the only thing back. The NFL regular season has returned. The Eagles took down the Falcons in an impressive Week 1 victory where the defense and the young guns gave us a glimpse into the future with this team.  It was the anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks that we will never forget. College football was wild this weekend. So let’s get right to it, it’s Brew time.

Victory for the good guys

Week 1 recap

Hurts to Smith

Very true

Reagor for six

Hurts looked great

So how’d our staff and contributors do with week 1 predictions?

The Bucs took down the Cowboys in an epic NFL opener

Dak is feeling confident

Chuck and Shaq keep it real

Septa wants to hear from you

Not good news for Septa


Paying their respect

Message from the President

Is he wrong?

Selfish prick

The fake Patriot was busy on Saturday night

So Brave

We remember

This man is an awful Governor and an even worse human being

Right-Wing domestic terrorists plotting another attack on the Capitol?

Let’s help the FBI find this guy

Nailed it

Surely Republicans will be outraged here like they’re outraged by people on food stamps, right?

The Republican obsession with Hunter Biden continues…


The Lunatics are coming to your school districts

Just get the damn vax already

Microsoft makes the right call

Philly Covid-Vax Update

Howard Stern has a message for Anti-Vaxxers

A troubling trend for men

iPhone 14 leak?

Steve from Blues Clues!!

Way to go, Candis

I’d prefer 50 Cent vs Ja Rule

The Matrix is back

Get well, HHH

The Beast returned to Smackdown


The Miz will be on Dancing with the Stars

Best wrestler in the world going to WWE?

Team Danielson vs Team Omega

Pat McAfee trolls Adam Cole, Baybay

Let em’ know, Pat

College football news

Down goes Ohio State

Jack Coan back in there like it’s nothing

Florida State lost in stunning fashion

So good

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