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Your Morning Brew (10/18/21): The Flyers are Back, Zach Ertz Traded, and more

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We’re back at it with an all new Morning Brew. The new NHL season has officially begun and the Flyers returned to action on Friday night. The Eagles battled Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Thursday Night Football. Brady and company were just too good for the Birds. Zach Ertz is headed to Arizona. Jon Gruden is making the news for all the wrong reasons. Adam Schefter is proving that some of his “journalistic” conduct is questionable. With that being said, let’s get right to it. It’s Brew time.

The NHL is back and so is this epic theme

Will this year be special for the Flyers?

Maybe not

Sweet goal

New Flyers goal song

The jokes have already started

Dope ass murals

Never gave up, but second place doesn’t get us any trophies

Brady and Leonard were too much for the Eagles

Come on Nick, get your stuff together

Nailed it

Oh no

He’s not wrong


NFL rules are trash

I guess all Eagles fans aren’t that bad, huh?

Zach Ertz to Arizona

Thank you, Zach!

Last time as an Eagle player

Ertz was emotional walking off the field

Get the tissues

This is absolutely fantastic


What a read

Stephen A gives his thoughts

Jon Gruden goes bye bye

Leaks lead to resignation


Oh Schefty

Adam Schefter responds

Big if true

Phanatic news

The final four in baseball

Katie Couric help fuels the “all news is fake news unless it’s from conservatives” crowd

They’re not even trying to be serious when making things up now

She’s pretty popular, huh?

Hmmm…Don the Con seems pretty defensive about Golden Showers

They got another one

This all would end if he just got the damn shot

This lunatic is so stupid it hurts

Watch out Marge, Lauren Boebert is just as nutty

Manchin is always in the way

Megan Fox and MGK a true love story???

R. Kelly’s music sees a bump in business

A Halloween Kills review

Behind the scenes

The Dave Chapelle controversy continues

New Nintendo Switch

Down goes Iowa

Vols fans are trash

Could you imagine the National outrage if this happened in Philly?

Utterly ridiculous

Heads up play by Coach

Statement from the SEC Comissioner

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