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Your Morning Brew (10/25/21): The Sixers-Ben Simmons soap opera, WWE Crown Jewel, Eagles, and more

It’s that time again. We’re back with an all new Morning Brew. The annual WWE visit to Saudi Arabia for Crown Jewel took place on Thursday in what might’ve been the best WWE PPV this year to date. Brock Lesnar snapped on Smackdown. The Sixers vs Ben Simmons saga took another turn this week as  “Simmo the Savage” and Daryl Morey both drew lines in the sand. The enemy has made it to the World Series. Penn State proved just how bad the NCAA’s new overtime rule is. So let’s get right to it, it’s Brew time.

Ben Simmons is a Coward. Change my mind.

Simmons Suspended

Jason Kelce gets it

Enough is enough

This ain’t the babysitter’s club

All this instead of working hard

Simmo the Savage?!?!?!? What a dork!

Morey digs in

We should’ve known

Jojo the God

Without Simmons, the Sixers get the W in the home opener


And then we returned to reality…

Another big fat loss for the Eagles

Uh oh


A touchdown for the good guy

Well said

How’d we do with our Eagles picks this week?

Reigns retains at Crown Jewel

Someone is in a bad mood

Lesnar delivered on Smackdown as promised

And then was promptly suspended

Back to Crown Jewel, this entrance was so good

Goldberg damn near broke him in half


Good stuff from Becky Lynch

Hell in a Cell

All hail the King and Queen

In this week’s episode of “what is Bryan Alvarez crying about now?”

This man wouldn’t know what the truth was if it hit him dead in the face

Judging by history, I’m sure they’ll sue if you say anything bad about them

Don the Con’s sidekick has some problems on his plate

Get this dirt ball


This isn’t suspicious at all

“Anti-Cancel Culture” want to cancel your rights to vote

I bet your MeeMaw is familiar with all of these “wars”

Who is going to free us from morons like Candace Owens?

Colin Powell died

We need more details


What did the parents know?

Another SEPTA strike coming?

Halloween Ends news

Maybe Michael never dies?

The new Scream movie is coming out in January


Attention seeker Jackson Mahomes makes the news again


The World Series is set

Thanks for being cheap, Phillies

Penn State loses in a brutal 9 overtime game



The first loss for Oklahoma State

The F-Bomb

A Piss Missle???

Get well JR

I’m here for all of this

Way to pay attention, LeBron

For a great cause

I’ll leave you with this gem

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