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Your Morning Brew (10/4/21): Eagles-Chiefs, The Phillies Suck, and more

We’re back at it with an all new Morning Brew. Andy Reid and the Chiefs came to town for a battle against the Eagles and unfortunately things didn’t end well for the Birds. Joel Embiid responded to the Ben Simmons fiasco and gave us another reason to appreciate the big fella. The WWE draft started on Friday Night Smackdown and will end tonight on Raw. Our beloved Phillies missed the playoffs…again. So let’s get right to it, it’s Brew time.

Another loss for the Eagles

Big Red made his return to Philly

Andy Reid’s team was just too much for the Birds

Quick recap

Reid makes history

The Mahomes-Cheetah connection burned the Eagles

Sloppy ending to the first half

Well said

How’d we do with our predictions this week?

Perhaps the line of the year from Jalen Hurts after the loss to the Cowboys

An amazing segment

Eli Manning tells the truth

We’re doing this again, Eagles?

Shady is an Eagle for life

Shady speaks

This will be absolutely epic


Urban Meyer is getting him some

The Phillies suck

Shaking my damn head

So good

Very true

Bryce Harper MVP?

Stephen A. Smith for the win

We feel you, JoJo

More from Jojo

Please trade Simmons already

I think I’m in love

The WWE Draft kicked off on Friday Night Smackdown

The Beast is a free agent

Sick move, Sammy

He probably learned this from Don the Con

The Con’s cult has many people from many walks of life

Look at Ted Cruz caring about #YourBodyYourChoice

Oh Texas Turd…apparently a woman’s choice doesn’t count

Bannon plots his next move

Noem’s daughter wasn’t good enough, so mommy stepped in to help her

Yeah this isn’t fishy at all

Shout out to all those that represented at the Women’s March on Saturday

Crooked cops in Columbus

Help is on the way

Scary stuff in Hawaii

Gator eating Gator

Manny Pacquiao calls it a career

Kentucky takes down Florida

Stanford upsets Oregon

The Irish fell to the Bearcats

A scene like no other


Hollywood with the diving catch

Justin Tucker’s leg is legendary

Festivals rule!

He risked it all

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