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Your Pi Brew (1/13/22): NFL Super Wild Card Weekend, Ben Simmons, and more

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We’re back with a new Brew. The Eagles prepare to do battle with the Bucs on Sunday. Super Wild Card Weekend should be incredible to watch. WWE Raw was in Philadelphia. Speaking of in Philadelphia, Ben Simmons is still here. But, for how long? Let’s get right to it. It’s Brew time!

Some roster moves

The Bucs will get some help back this weekend as well

Would you care if Jonathan Gannon left?

Next year’s opponents for the Birds

Let’s hope the Niners smash the Cowboys

Dallas wants a white out against the 49ers


Gotta give credit where credit is due

Good for Sasha Banks

The Georgia Bulldogs are your National Champs

The highlights

Incredible angle

Is the loss on Carson Wentz?

Trash stadium

The NFC East is in mourning


Black Monday for Matt Nagy

Would you package Tobias with Ben?

The jobless are doing well these days

Oy vay!

Par for the course with the Flyers

Dr. Fauci exposes Rand Paul for the rat that he is

I’m starting to think Republicans have no clue what’s in the Constitution

Sara Palin is a very dumb individual

Cue conservative outrage in 3,2,1…

These people are shameless


First Hogan was a racist and now he’s an anti-vaxxer

Well deserved

End of an era

National blood crisis

The teachers need help

Bank of America steps up

Will you be watching?

Kanye to spend time with Donald Trump’s boy?

These two deserve each other

Trey Songz might be in hot water

Dismissed without prejudice

Harry Styles to Coachella

New Katy Perry video


Harrison Ford on climate change

Say it ain’t so, Randy

Knock knock jokes in Philadelphia?

This heel work is everything

This should be good

This is a big deal

What the heck is he wearing?

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