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Your Pi Brew (3/7/22): Kanye West crosses the line, Tyrese Maxey shines, and more

We’re back with a new Brew. Tyrese Maxey is shining bright like a diamond on the 76ers, especially since James Harden came to Philadelphia. Kanye West’s downward spiral continues and his latest stunt is another cry for help. The Tar Heels took down Mike Krzyzewski and the Duke Blue Devils in Coach K’s final home game. Let’s get right to it. It’s Brew time!

This is just incredible photography

As of Friday night

Tyrese Maxey led the charge in the comeback win against the Cavs

Maxey is straight ballin’ right now

Without James Harden, The Sixers fall to the heat

When in Miami…

Chase Freakin’ Utley!!

Mike Trout calls out Rob Manfred

MLB and Players resume talks

Philly sports teams show solidarity with the people of Ukraine

NFL and Covid update

Gio on the NFL Network!!

It appears Amari Cooper’s days are done in Dallas

The attention seeker is not a fan of the attention that he gets

The best is definitely yet to come

No wonder Donald Trump pardoned Stone

The Con Man loves to run his mouth

Was Alvin Bragg threatened, paid off or is he just gutless and plain incompetent?

Boy did child acting do a number on Ricky Schroder

February jobs report is out

Kanye needs serious help

Part of the video

Pete Davidson responds

D.L. absolutely hits it out of the park here

Red flags of abuse by Kanye

I don’t disagree with Gene

Kourtney Kardashian looking alriiiiiight

The Weeknd is going on tour

Janet Jackson and Nicki Minaj to perform at EssenceFest

K Michelle flashing breasts to fans

The Batman is out in theaters

Please don’t do this

I am Legend sequel in the works?

Scary weather in Iowa

Mother nature is amazing

Well this is not good

Jake Paul is ever the opportunist

Vinny Mac to induct the Undertaker

Pat McAfee’s interview with Vince McMahon recap

Sasha Banks rockin’ out to some DX

We see you Sasha

Roman’s message for Brock Lesnar

Roman strikes at Madison Square Garden

UNC gives Coach K a going away present

When Duke loses, America wins

Duke’s tribute to Coach K

Coach K’s legacy

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