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Your Pi Brew (7/4/22): WWE Money in the Bank, Kevin Durant, and more

We’re back with an all new Brew. WWE held their Money in the Bank PPV on Saturday night in Vegas. Vince McMahon chose….again to shove one of his guys down the throats of the fans. NBA free agency kicked off. The Sixers have made some solid moves so far. Kevin Durant has requested another trade. We have a ton to get to, so let’s do this. It’s Brew time!

PJ Tucker to Philly


Kevin Durant requests trade…


It was an epic run for sure

No way


LeBron awaiting his next helpers

Rudy Gobert traded to the T-Wolves

Bradley Beal gets his bag

The Celtics acquire Malcolm Brogdon for pennies

Miles Bridges reportedly arrested


USC & UCLA are leaving the Pac-12

The Stanley Cup is taking a pounding

What do you think about these uniforms?

Erin Andrews opens up

Republican politicians are pieces of sh#t

Say it with me…F#ck the Proud Boys!

How can one grow dumber by the minute?

Pray for Arizona

He’s not wrong

What a tragedy

Fourth of July fireworks banned in some states


Murder in Northeast Philadelphia

The Sharks are coming…beware!

Kim K is looking alriiiiiight….


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Kim Kardashian (@kimkardashian)

Drake sells his mansion

Speaking of Drake

This album will have star power

Carmelo Anthony tea

New Cardi B

Lord Disick gets all the bad chicks

Mr. Money in the Bank…ugh!

Liv Morgan gets the contract

But wait…there’s more

Who is it going to be?

Summerslam is up next

Vinny Mac and the squad at UFC

Logan Paul signs with the WWE

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