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Your Pi Brew (9/18/23): The Rock returns to WWE, Eagles-Vikings, and more

We’re back with an all new Brew. The Birds are banged up, but they got the win against the Vikings on Thursday Night Football. The Rock made his long awaited return to the WWE on Smackdown. Is SEPTA getting ready to hold the city hostage again? We have a lot to get to as always, so lets do this. It’s Brew time!

Beats by Dre commercial with Jalen Hurts

The Birds take down the Vikings

The Merrill Thread


Nailed it

Let’s not do this in the future

F*ck Chip Kelly forever


The Buffs keep on winning

Great question!!

Crazy headbutt

Here we go AGAIN!

The hottest venue in the city?

The moment Danelo Cavalcante was spotted

MAGA makes all normal people cringe

The Un-Stable “Genius”

Wu-Tang Forever

The “Great One” returned to Smackdown

The People’s elbow!!!!

So good…


This would be a massive get for WWE

That Saudi Blood Money will get Roman Reigns to wrestle

Cover Photo Credit: WWE

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