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Your Pi Brew (1/8/24): Another Eagles loss, NFL Playoffs, 76ers trade talk, and more

Cover Photo Credit: Philadelphia Eagles/IG Filter

We’re back with an all new Brew. The Eagles had another awful performance in their Sunday loss to the Giants. The Birds suffered some huge injuries during the loss. The NFL Playoffs are set. We have a ton to get to as always, so lets do this. It’s Brew time!!

Eagles embarrass themselves again

What happened to the Eagles on Sunday in one video

Jalen’s finger gets f’d up

AJ Brown goes down with an injury

Sydney Brown torn ACL?

Coward journalist writes article day after running scared of player he trashed

I see no lies

NFC Playoff Matchups

Eagles season ends in Tampa next week

Jake Browning’s girlfriend is smoking hot!

NFL top 10 draft order

Agree or disagree?

A Flyer Forever

Travis Konecny is heading to the all-star game

Players heading to Toronto for the all-star game

76ers trade deadline discussion

Would you want to see Murray in a 76ers uniform?

Audacy files for bankruptcy

Money in the Bank heads to Toronto

Fatal 4 Way Announced for the Royal Rumble

MAGA is just getting started if America doesn’t vote against this loser

This guy is the ultimate piece of sh*t

Honky Kong

This is horrifying

Hey Pat… maybe don’t have a MAGA douchebag like Aaron Rodgers on your show

Meek Mill making moves

Great flexibility from Skye Blue

Hailey Bieber gets cheeky

Kendall Jenner sends hearts racing

Sommer Ray looks incredible!!!

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