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Angelo Cataldi Speaks on the Gracious Conversation He Had with Chip Kelly Post-Firing

On Wednesday, the day after Chip Kelly was fired, Angelo Cataldi received a private phone call from Chip Kelly himself, much to the surprise of Cataldi. The two only talked every Monday morning at 8:00 on Cataldi’s WIP Morning Show after games and when they went to deliver pies for charity. They had never spoken privately before, until now. Here’s Cataldi describing Kelly and his graciousness in the conversation, via CBS Philly.

Well I’ll be damned. Maybe Kelly is personable after all.

Despite the friendly conversation, Cataldi says that his opinion of the job Kelly did in Philadelphia.

It doesn’t color in anyway my ultimate judgment of him. I think he blew it as GM and I think that’s why he’s not here anymore and he didn’t relate well to his players, that’s why he isn’t here anymore. But I’d be lying to you if I didn’t disclose that he made this phone call yesterday.”

So that’s that.

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