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Josh Harris on Forbes’ Report: There Are No Plans to Sell the Sixers

Forbes posted this article today, saying that Sixers owners Josh Harris and David Blitzer were basically “flipping” the team in order to acquire enough money to place an NFL team in London.

Many of us weren’t surprised, because we expected something like this to happen. Once Harris and Blitzer became owners of the New Jersey Devils, it was almost like the writing was on the wall. Harris, however, was asked about the Forbes’ report today, and completely denied the “flipping” report.

“[The Forbes story] is inaccurate. Josh has said repeatedly that he hopes to own the Sixers for many, many years and keep it in the family for many, many years,” Preston said. “He loves owning the team and the [story] is inaccurate and not true.”
Harris said as much during his media session with the local press during training camp at Stockton University. Regarding his future ownership, Harris said: “I expect to happily be involved with the Sixers for many, many years. There are no plans to sell [the team]. Our ultimate goal has not changed and that’s to bring an NBA championship to Philly.”
Harris led a group that purchased the Sixers for $280 million in 2011 and Forbes estimates the current value of the team to be around $700 million.
However, in his address at training camp, Harris said his ownership of the Sixers was about more than an investment.
“The Sixers have been a good investment, but that’s not what’s driving us,” Harris said.

Harris may or may not be telling the truth, but it’s a good sign that he came out right away to deny the report. Even though he, you know, already had a media session scheduled.

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