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LeSean McCoy: “Chip Can’t Shake Shit.”

Earlier in the day, Chip Kelly discussed the weeks upcoming game, and had this to say about LeSean McCoy:

“I’d love to shake LeSean’s hand. I tried to call him after. And I talked to his agent after we traded him. I always wanted to talk to LeSean. Again, I have no issues with LeSean at all. He has a great personality, an infectious personality. I have tremendous respect for LeSean.”

Chip is saying what he should, and is remaining professional. Regardless of the past, Chip never has said a bad thing about Shady. So, what did McCoy have to say today in response to that? Was the feeling mutual? I’d say it took a bit of a different and direction and tone:

Well, that escalated quickly. While Shady has never hated on the fans, he is hating on the man at the helm of our ship and destiny. So do we boo him on Sunday? What should the response be? If nothing this is going to get interesting quick!

What do you think about McCoy’s statement? Let us know in the comments and on social media.



  1. Angel

    I think if we don’t boo or cheer it may make Shady think about how we feel with now his 7th comment of nothing to say. Call me crazy but for a guy who has nothing to say about Chip has tons to say about the “relationChip!” Note to shady. You’re not necessarily making NFL records since being traded so how about tone it down a bit. Quit the hating.

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