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The Giants Denied the Eagles Permission to Speak with Steve Spagnuolo

Yesterday, we told you how Doug Pederson wanted Steve Spagnuolo as his defensive coordinator, but there were some hoops to go through if he could land him. There were a lot of people for and a lot of people against the idea of Spagnuolo being here as the defensive coordinator. He’s still under contract to the Giants, so there may have been some compensation the Eagles would’ve had to pay if Spagnuolo wanted to come to Philly.

It certainly made sense for Spagnuolo to want to come to Philly – he had just interviewed with the Giants to become their head coach, and they went with their offensive coordinator rather than their defensive coordinator. There absolutely could be some hard feelings there on the part of Spagnuolo, and going back to being the defensive coordinator for a team that didn’t want him to be their head coach.

But heading to Philly to become the Eagles’ defensive coordinator would also prove to be a lateral move, giving the Giants the power to block the move. And today, Anthony Gargano said on his 97.5 The Fanatic morning show that the Eagles did try to reach out to Spagnuolo, but were cockblocked by the Giants.

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Gargano and Spags are boys, so one would have to believe Gargano on this one.



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