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Josh Innes: My Boss Lacks Stones

I’m not too sure who Josh Innes was referring to in the below Tweet, but I’m sure he truly feels that way. As of now, the Tweet hasn’t been deleted, so I’m not expecting any sort of apology for this.


You’ll remember Innes was suspended for three days after making a comment about Jason Kelce being a “house negro” minutes before Doug Pederson’s introductory press conference as Eagles head coach.


H/T to reader Ben


  1. Chuck manson

    God this site blows even worse than your radio career. Just stick to what you know man. Serving drinks to college sluts and showing them that sunny smile!

  2. fred winkler

    I just started to listen to Josh. I like Hollis and I am glad Spike is not on the show. I did not hear what he said to get the 3 day break. The reason I listen to his show is simple. Hollis gives a real good take on Eagles football. With everything that is going on with the team Hollis is the voice of reason, Spike said nothing worthwhile. And Josh just is abrasive. But listening to him I think he is ok just took a while to get used to him

  3. Dan McDonald

    I love Josh Innes and he is the best thing to happen to Philly Sports Talk Radio in the last 20 plus years!!! Josh has put life back into a station that became extremely stale and boring. #freejoshinnes

  4. Rud

    He’s better than Missanelli, and I am impressed by his knowledge. Like Howard Stern in his early days, he doesn’t need to be ultra-abrasive to be good. Unlike Howard Stern, however, I think he will be the cause of his own downfall. Just a matter of time.

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