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Watch and Listen to this UFC Fighter’s Jaw Snap

Alex Nicholson’s weekend got off to a promising start at UFC Fight Night 82 in Las Vegas. On Friday night, Nicholson proposed to his girlfriend at the weigh-in. However, he probably should have quit while he was ahead.

Nicholson made his UFC debut Saturday night against Misha Cirkunov, and let’s just say things didn’t go so well. Cirkunov essentially had his way in the first round, then finished things off in the second by welcoming Nicholson to the UFC with a vicious neck crank, the result of which you can actually hear.

*WARNING: if you’re squeamish — well, who are we kidding, you clicked on a link promising graphic violence. But if you’ve ever heard the sound of someone’s jaw popping out of socket, it’s not something you can easily un-hear.

Props to Nicholson for popping right back up, and actually high-fiving the victor. Although, on a related note, he actually suffered a broken jaw in the first minute of his previous MMA fight in August.

“He got my neck and he’s so strong, I’ve broken my jaw before and I heard it pop and I really didn’t want my jaw wired shut again so I tapped even though I never tap,” Nicholson said after the fight.

Might be time to start looking into a desk job.

Click here if the video above doesn’t load.

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