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Brayden Schenn Suspended for Three Games to Begin Next Season

The Flyers packed up their belongings on Tuesday after being eliminated from the playoffs by the Washington Capitals on Sunday afternoon. Meanwhile, Brayden Schenn was facing a hearing for this hit on TJ Oshie during Sunday’s game. You’d think other players would face hearings for similar, if not worse, hits during the course of this series. But, nope. Schenn was the only one. And he’s been suspended three games because of it, despite the point of contact not being the head.

Well, I know they were obviously watching me close in that series,” Schenn said today before the suspension had been announced. “To be honest, I didn’t even know that I hit Oshie in the head. It wasn’t the initial point of contact. I did hit him in the shoulder first and then hit his head after.”

Watching the replay, it certainly looks like Schenn hit Oshie’s shoulder first. Oshie left the ice for a while, but returned for the third period. That probably had something to do with the suspension.

Schenn’s suspension will take effect during the first three games of the regular season.

In other news, RJ Umberger thinks the Flyers will buy his contract out. And we rejoice.

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