Listen to This DC Media Guy Trash the City of Philadelphia and Its Fans

After the wristband incident the other night at the Wells Fargo Center, it was only a matter of time before one loser from the national media took the time to rant about Philadelphia fans. Everybody meet Michael Jenkins, D.C.’s “Anchor for Comcast SportsNet. Proud Longhorn. Bourbon lover. McRib aficionado. The People’s Anchor,” according to his Twitter bio. I hate the weasel already.

Here’s the assclown as he trashes Philadelphia and its fans.

We’ve already discussed the poor behavior of the fans on that night, but I don’t need to listen to this smug weenie talk about this city and its fans like he knows us.

So Michael, please do me a favor. As Larry David would say, go have “one of those vanilla bullshit things. You know, whatever you want, some vanilla bullshit latte cappa things” and kick rocks you ignorant piece of trash.


[Editor’s note: I love how Jenkins tries to save some friendships at the end by saying he has friends in Philly and he knows from personal experience there’s a lot of great in the city, but goes through every single stereotype of the Philly sports fan. You know, not everybody condones that behavior here. We sure as hell don’t. A few drunk idiots at sporting events shouldn’t label every sports fan in the city, but they absolutely deserve to be called out, which we did. But, you know, I wouldn’t expect Jenkins to understand that, or give any credit to the people here that abhor that behavior. It’s a little too complex for him.]


H/T to John Gonzalez



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