Report: Dario Saric Tells European Teammates He’s Playing in Philly Next Season

With the Flyers season coming to an end today, there’s a new report that suggests that there will be some good news next year in Philly sports. We’ve mentioned before that according to Dario Saric’s father, his son would be playing on the Sixers’ team next year. This new report supports that statement from Saric’s father.

According to the The Score, international reporter David Pick stated that a source has told him that Saric told his European teammates that he intends to leave Europe for the Sixers next season.

My mouth is watering. Close your eyes for a second and imagine this: Saric debuts with the team, Joel Embiid debuts healthy with the team and the Sixers draft Ben Simmons, all to go along with Noel and/or Okafor, even though one of them will be off the team, in my opinion. But right now, you can’t tell me anything negative about the possibility of what the Sixers can look like next year.

Saric can opt out of his deal and with this latest report, it looks like he has all intentions of doing that. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m stoked about next year’s Sixers team.


[Editor’s note: THANK YOU, SAM HINKIE!]

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