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The Sixers Officially Introduce Bryan Colangelo as New General Manager

The Sixers didn’t want to wait until a new week had dawned and introduce their new general manager on a Monday, because they called a press conference on a Sunday afternoon to address the elephant in the Delaware Valley, and also introduce their new general manager, Bryan Colangelo.

How we got here has been a whirlwind. Late Wednesday night, Sam Hinkie resigned from his post. His 13-page resignation letter was then leaked to ESPN,¬†and everybody with half a brain is crediting Jerry Colangelo for that. But, apparently, Colangelo bowed out of his son’s appointment as the general manager of the team, which is entirely laughable. Nobody will, nor should, believe that.

But, Jerry’s no longer the chairman of basketball operations, but stays on a special advisor to the team. His son, Bryan, will also take on the title as the new president of basketball operations. So, the Colangelos have completely brainwashed Joshua Harris and co. Cool. Also, how about this bullshit?


There’s little job security for Brett Brown left. This new guy is probably going to want to see him win basketball games regardless if Joel Embiid is healthy or if Dario Saric doesn’t come over from Europe next season. And then the pressure will increase. I still think Brown’s the next to go, even though the new general manager says he deserves to see this thing through, and it will be just as sudden and ridiculous as Hinkie’s basically being forced out was.

Harris said that the guy they hired became their top candidate to bring in as Hinkie’s “partner” and that the elder “Hall of Fame” Colangelo had nothing to do with it. I still can’t get over that. Hilarious.

B. Colangelo, as I’ll call him, did say that Hinkie established the assets and resources for the organization to move forward with, and regrets not being able to work with him. Hell, now I can’t blame Hinkie for walking away. He clearly was being forced to do things, but the difference here than the similar front office dysfunction that was occurring across the street with Chip Kelly was Hinkie’s tenure actually had light at the end of the tunnel. He may publicly tell you he’s made mistakes, but I don’t think he’d believe it for a second.

In fact, Hinkie’s strategy won’t be discarded. They’re going to try to move forward with the same “process and strategy” Hinkie used. Except that strategy was made by Hinkie and for Hinkie, and having someone else take the reigns of that process is like replacing the first Aunt Viv with the second, less cool, more annoying Aunt Viv.

B. Colangelo did say he was a “big believer in analytics” and said he feels like he’s fairly progressive in that area, so we’ll see if he’s fairly progressive to not completely drop the ball like he’s done before. He’s also big into sports science, so we’ll see what changes, if any, come to the Sixers organization regarding that department.

One last thing – Jerry not being at the press conference is ridiculous. Gutless, even. He’s completely changed the outlook of this team, which most fans feel like Hinkie should have been the guy to see his plan take its first real step next season, and he can’t show up? Did he think he would get shit because his son got hired? Does he think he doesn’t deserve it?

This is all frustrating. And ridiculous. And stupid. If the Sixers get pushed back into mediocrity because the ownership couldn’t let Hinkie follow through on his plan – which he sold them on in his interview – then things will get even uglier. If that’s even possible. This organization doesn’t have a clue, and it’s very embarrassing and concerning as we move into the future.

Here are some “highlights” of the presser:

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