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We Want Your Thoughts on the Philly Sports Talk Radio Scene

The Philly sports talk radio scene was flipped upside-down and then right-side up this week, beginning with Monday’s revelation that 97.5 The Fanatic producer Pat Egan was a planted caller for The Mike Missanelli Show under the fake guise of ‘Dwayne from Swedesboro.’ We’re told nobody from the station involved with the bit will be disciplined.

Somewhat predictably, WIP’s Josh Innes took aim at the station on Tuesday, making his show relatively all about what was happening at the other station. Today, he was fired. People think it might be because of the comments he made on the air yesterday about black men mowing Missanelli’s lawn and a picture he posted on Twitter of a white man in blackface, but we haven’t been able to confirm that.

And now will begin a new era of sports talk radio in Philly. 97.5 The Fanatic is still running strong with Mike Missanelli during drive time and Rob Ellis and Harry Mayes holding down middays. Who will replace Innes at WIP?

There are a few options. Howard Eskin didn’t renew his contract at FOX 29, saying he was going to focus on Eagles coverage for WIP. Could he make the transition back to a daily radio show? Ray Didinger just re-signed with WIP. A show featuring him and Glen Macnow during the week certainly could be great because their weekend shows consistently are. Joe Giglio seems to be making his way up the ranks and could easily fill in that role permanently and has shown he can during the summer.

Sure, there are others. So, we want to know your thoughts about everything that has happened in the past 24-plus hours:

  • Did 97.5 The Fanatic make the right call in not disciplining anybody that was involved in ‘Dwaynegate’?
  • Did WIP make the right call in firing Innes?
  • Who should WIP replace Innes with during the 2 P.M. – 6 P.M. time slot?

Leave a comment or tweet us at @PHL_Influencer.

UPDATE: In addition to the comments, here are a few of the responses we’ve received so far to this post on Twitter and Facebook.


EJ: Who should replace Josh? I wish it would be Sean Brace cause I’d listen to WIP again. But I know that’s not gonna happen because he does philly influence which is a fantastic site. So with that said if they want to really complete with Mike Miss put two Philly sports personalities on Glen Macnow and Rey Dinger.

ME: 97.5 is perfect, no changes. I even like Freddy Coleman at Midnight, nice to have a national un-biased take on things. Mike and Mike didn’t work here.

94.1, go back to rock, station has been sinking ship for years (once again except for Glen and Ray)

AU: Some people are ridiculous. When nothing is going on these guys are trying anything to make their show listenable. Mike miss has a great, entertaining show. When stuff is actually happening in sports, it’s phenomenal. I’m totally fine with the 97.5 lineup from 6am-10pm. It’s WIP that needs help from 10am-10pm… And Angelo while his show is good, can’t go on forever. Maybe Tony Bruno can come back to WIP while younger guys are groomed. Sean brace? I would be interested in hearing him, but he would have a tough time going head to head with Mike Miss. Where’s the SCHWARTZ!! How about the Logo?

TR: Dwaynegate was just an office prank that went wrong, although I was highly entertained by Dwayne, I can see how racially sensitive the issue is, 94 is trash and I only use the station when i wanna catch the Phil’s, 975 all the way, better contributors and content, but I do miss brace and marks together

MM: Sports radio in Philadelphia is a talentless wasteland. Not one on air personality is worth listening to.

CR: Philly sports talk radio is a train wreck. Does this prove that is has always been a train wreck or has it gotten worse? Public fraud is worse than just being terrible or pandering or annoying. Public fraud proves that this industry doesn’t work.

AR: Back to boring Wack ass radio at least innes made it fun

FB: Rob Ellis is the worst…but i fucking hate ike reese…barkham and harry mid days would be dope

JM: WIP is reality TV on radio. Jody Mac is enjoyable and of course Ray Didinger. Thats about it. The Fanatic is only slightly better. The Fan in NY is much better


  1. Classofphilly

    97.5 has hands down an amazing on-air line up. I’m ok with nothing happening to anyone at 97.5 it was funny! Innes being fired was much needed he is terrible and annoying! If Philly Influencer could replace him that would be awesome! But I guess Glenn and Ray would work, or maybe a Mac and Mac reunion. There really isn’t a lot of good choices most left to go to 97.5!

  2. Eric Jacinto

    Who should replace Josh? I wish it would be Sean Brace cause I’d probably listen to WIP again. But I know that’s not gonna happen because he does philly influence which is a fantastic site. So with that said if they want to really complete with Mike Miss put two philky sports personalities on Glen Macnlw and Rey Dinger.

  3. W in DE

    I like 97.5 but their handling of this is a mes. They are taking the head in the sand approach except for Missanelli discussing it yesterday. No other show has yet it’s all over local news and Twitter. But hosts are addressing on Twitter. The handling of it may make me stop listening and switch to WIP. Just face it and move on. iInnes was awful glad he’s gone. Tiny Bruno would be great now that Innes is out Like Diddy and Macnow too

  4. Dingo

    Bruno won’t come back.Brace does not want it due to “other commitments”.I’d say Howard would be a great fit & maybe bring along Spike too?

  5. Sean

    97.5 should have done something. I can’t believe that Mike Miss did not know that was a phony caller. Innes was not going to be renewed and this was an easy way to get him out earlier with his dumb Twitter posts. WIP is in trouble. The only show with ratings still is the morning show and Angelo is leaving at the end of 2017. Give Marshall Harris the AM show with Rhea and Al. put Howard and Spike on together, then Mac and Mac or Mac and Ray D. Put Joe Giglio on at night.

  6. Marc

    In a nutshell The Fanatic is killing it and WIP is fading fast. The lost the sixers and flyers broadcast so the only thing WIP brings to the table are the Phils and Birds broadcast. Other than that I hope they station folds like a cheap suit. Really what can the fanatic do? It was there own ignorance and should be embarrassed but it is what it is at this point.

    As far as Innes goes he was a douche bag seriously he claimed he is Philly and he’s not even from here. He wasn’t good at all and I’m shocked he lasted has long as he did.

    WIP should just shut down and give up. There is no talent on that station at all.

  7. Roverfield

    Miss and Egan should be severely reprimanded for this clear racist
    play to draw in black callers and controversy. A lie to the callers.
    WIP under Bloom dumped salary of Eskin and Macnow for cheap Innes. This blew up in their face. CBS may dump WIP after or before Cataldi retires. WIP is in full retreat. 97.5 is cutting talent, replaying prior shows rather than paying talent for non-prime time.
    Beasley may dump 97.5 in order to cut salaries and focus on 610AM, where the shows and ESPN blocks are self-funded. Sports radio in Philly is in turbulent funk as sponsors dwindle.

  8. Don O'Grady

    1. Obviously, no one appreciates satire. MM duped by a faux caller, who cares. He is yesterday’s news. Enough of the lists. Already.
    2. Innes did some funny bits and made some good points regarding the cro-magnons that make up 90% of WIP’s audience.
    3. There is no Sports Talk in the Philly market, it’s been dead since hose nose got the morning show, just insults and brainless rantings that cast.
    4. If I listen to sports talk, I listen to Sirius XM.

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