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NFL Analysis: The Day After … Week 12

Are you looking for scores, recaps, highlights, and predictions all in one place? In this segment, I will give a quick recap of what happened yesterday and give a quick prediction of what I see happening on Monday night. All this plus the highlights of all the top plays of the day! Let’s get to it, shall we?

Lions 16, Vikings 13 

The Lions at 7-4 are in first place! Thankfully Sam Bradford reverted back to the player we all know he is and gave the fans of Detroit an early holiday gift.


Cowboys 31, Redskins 26 

Even in a game where Kirk Cousins went 41-of-53 for 449 yards and three touchdowns, the Cowboys continue to plow through opponents from week to week. Furthermore, Dez Bryant vs. Josh Norman will be must-see TV for years to come.


Steelers 28, Colts 7 

No Andrew Luck, while Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell steal the show. Pittsburgh was awarded an extra bye week as soon as Luck was ruled out for this game.


Falcons 38, Cardinals 19 

Do we talk enough about David Johnson? I really think he lacks in praise. This guy has been the most complete back in football, but rarely gets mentioned as such. That being said, on the other side of ball is Matt Ryan who continues to strongly make a case for league MVP. Dan Quinn is doing the best he can to dispel the theories of another late season Falcon collapse.


Dolphins 31, 49ers 24 

After voicing his opinion on Fidel Castro, Colin Kaepernick went out and had another huge game. Kap rushed for 113 yards and threw for 296 yards with three scores as San Francisco nearly pulled off the comeback against Miami. That was until Kiko Alonso nearly decapitated Kap on the final drive. In the loss, Ryan Tannehill continues to show his grip on the Adam Gase playbook with another stellar performance that included 285 yards with three touchdowns.


Giants 27, Browns 13 

I really thought this was going to be the week the Browns would win their first game. There’s always 2017!


Saints 49, Rams 21 

Don’t look now, but Jared Goff has arrived. Half the country seemed to have written him off after last week, but all he did was come out Sunday and throw for three touchdowns to show he’s far from another Playboy Mansion pool-hopper. However, it wasn’t enough as the Saints poured on the offense against their former defensive coordinator and resident bounty hunter, Gregg Williams. Sean Peyton definitely made his point!


Ravens 19, Bengals 14 

A mass holding play on the heels of the final minutes of a game? What a call by  John Harbaugh, the former special teams guru himself as he proves why the Ravens’ brass continue to have faith in him. On the flip side, Carrot Top has left the building!


Titans 27, Bears 21 

Matt Barkley threw the ball 54 times! Even with the surprising emergence of Barkley, Marcus Mariota engineered enough drives to save the day. If it wasn’t for the stupid penalties and lack of rest for the Titans, the game wouldn’t have been this close.


Chargers 21, Texans 13 

He’s my guy! As the struggles of Brock Osweiler continue, Bill O’Brien is already being asked about benching his starter. They thought they were getting the kid with the million dollar arm, but wound up getting the man without the skills. Sorry Brock, but I don’t even think a trip down the yellow brick road could help you out!


Bills 28, Jaguars 21 

Fact: Shady McCoy was clocked as the fastest player on field this Sunday. If only the cameras were able to follow him to the bar afterwards to see how fast he runs from the bill!


Buccaneers 14, Seahawks 5 

What the hell happened here? In a game that should have produced fireworks, all we did was get disappointed when the grand finale never showed up. Well, at least Mike Evans did.


Raiders 35, Panthers 32 

It was all about the Pinky. Derek Carr left the game with a 24-7 lead and when he came back with a dislocated finger, the lead was gone. However, in the year of the Raiders, Derek played through the pain and led his team to victory. Does Ron Rivera get a pass this year?


Patriots 22, Jets 17 

Welcome to the Patriot Family, Malcolm Mitchell! On a team that certainly doesn’t need any more offensive power, Mitchell certainly looks to have all the makings of a top flight wide receiver. Brady didn’t have his best game and Gronk got nicked up again, but it still wasn’t enough for the Patriots to fear the beard.


Chiefs 30, Broncos 27 

To kick or not to kick is the question. This was a game that included wacky FG bounces, an abundance of sacks against a human turnstile, a roughing the referee call, and an actual Alex Smith comeback drive. Many people will question the call of Gary Kubiak, but being at home with a strong kicker all was factored into the decision. If he doesn’t hook it, he’s a genius.


Monday night prediction: You can read mine, as well as all the predictions of the whole Philly Influencer squad right here. 


I hope you enjoyed the recap as well as the video below profiling all the top plays on Sunday. Until Week 13…


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