Gorgeous Girl Starts Stroking Your Beard … What Do You Do?

Those entertainers from across the pond have a funny sense about them. When I was in the Bahamas for a few months ago, I was blown away by how funny a few lads from England were, who were also in the media covering the tourney. (Honestly, I could not understand a word they were saying, but they were hilarious!)

Here’s a video of a random female entertainer that doesn’t have much to offer as far as her bio goes … but her pictures tell a different story! Good lawd… meet Brookelyn from the UK.

Brookelyn ran around touching random dudes beards and I’m crying laughing at this video. Not sure what I would do if she came up scratching at my beard. HILARIOUS!

No shot am I tossing my sandwich at her though! Stick around till the end!


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