Cutillo: Ray Didinger Knows Exactly What He’s Talking About

Let me start off by saying this: I agree with Ray Didinger! The Philadelphia Eagles have become America’s Team™ right before our very eyes and show no signs of slowing down. All of the preseason prognosticators, me included, have started to eat the word they so adamantly spewed and are now aboard the wagon of victory. Everyone has been saying the right things and walking the line of positivity up to this point… until the Jay Train took an unexpected turn after a convincing win against the Bears.

Coming off a game where he received five carries and fumbled a ball into the end zone, Ajayi proceeded to tell the media, “My role is to run the that plays the coaches call,” in a very uncomfortable manner. This set off Hall of Fame journalist Ray Didinger, who decided to show his “real” emotions when he said, “Shut up and tote the ball.”

To say this set the Eagles’ fanbase into an uproar is an understatement. This wasn’t a terrible opinion like some trolls set it out to be, it was an opinion of a well-respected journalist who has seen and heard more about professional football players than we have combined in our lifetime. In a way, it was a premeditated statement to show how annoyed he was with the answer.

When the Eagles traded for Ajayi, his baggage in Miami was well-documented. From reporters to radio personalities, they all had the same opinion of the Jay Train. In fact, the fans of Miami were happy to see him reside in a different area code. All of this coming from a team who doesn’t have a capable replacement and isn’t having its best season.


It certainly makes you wonder what he meant by his response after the game. Did you realize that he wasn’t a part of the celebration when Agholor recovered his fumble for a touchdown? Before I get the same answer of, “He was mad at himself,” just think about it realistically for a moment as if you were a Miami native and saw this play out for two years. Do you think you would have the same reaction?

Ray Didinger has been doing this for a very long time and doesn’t need to be told when to shut his mouth. He has bought a lifetime ticket in this town to say and react in any way he sees fit. I am still trying to figure out why people keep saying this is a negative opinion and why they feel media outlets are trying to build storylines. The facts are simple and purely justified.

The Eagles feel like a team of destiny, so much so that the fans have become numb to the thoughts of a bad situation. We have been waiting for the inevitable shoe drop that now seems like a distant memory. We have been looking for a sign of regression from a head coach that refuses to leak oil. Not to mention a head coach who was put on the hot seat by me and many other peers. All of these instances have been negated, with the last one being the issue at hand. He was asked a question and he answered it. However, knowing his history, he should have handled it a different way!

Now I will be ready for the backlash.

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