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Heat Ratio: The Eagles rekindle the flame

The NFL has become the land of offense and the Eagles did their part to contribute to the storyline. Did they finally flip the switch or do we attribute their success to the play of a very bad Giants team?

NBA tip off is here and the Sixers are looking to take another step in their progression. Markelle Fultz is locked in as a starter, but is it the right move? Will he need a “mental massage” all year to remain relevant?

This week Tony (@TCutillo23) aka Jigsaw, John (@PGHJohn36) and Dave (@Coachdickson365) look at all the top storylines of the week, while giving their unique take on each one. On this episode, they also cover the following topics:

· Eagles Week 6 Recap/Week 7 Preview
· Jason Peters injury/replacements
· Run/Pass Ratio
· Will a trade be made? Possible targets not named Bell?
· Matt Ryan moves up on the all-time charts. HOF?
· Sixers preview
· Do they have enough to win?
· Markelle Fultz and his “mental massages.” Will it last all year?
· Should Fultz start right away?
· Climate change impact on beer sales
· On This Day: Eminem, Ernie Els, Wycleaf, Ziggy Marley, Alan Jackson
· Fantasy Football Draft look back. What moves do you regret?
· The Heat Gauge 3 players trending up/ 3 trending down….and much more!

The Heat Ratio (@theheatratio) brings a set of unique views and opinions each week to focus on all the big sports stories making it to the top of the headlines. Come join in the discussion and make your opinions heard! Can you bring the heat?

Listen to the entire episode below.

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The Heat Ratio (@theheatratio) is brought to you by Pi’s own Tony Cutillo and continues to bring a unique flavor to the world of podcasting. From top sports stories to everyday life, it’s all here just waiting for your take.


As always you can stop by my Facebook page (FantasySportsAddiction) or tweet me (@TCutillo23) for questions or some nice fantasy/real sports debates. E-mail me at [email protected]. You can listen to The Heat Ratio (@TheHeatRatio) podcast every Wednesday at 12 P.M. on Wildfire Radio, and subscribe on iTunes here.

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