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Your Pi Brew (12/20/21): COVID-19 outbreak in sports, and more

Photo: Sports Seriously, USA Today

We’re back at it with a new Brew. Covid is causing havoc in sports these days and the Eagles are now involved in a rescheduled game against the Washington Football team because of it. Tiger Woods is back. Jake Paul won another fight on Saturday night. We have a lot to get to, so let’s get right to it. It’s Brew time!

The Eagles are one of three games being rescheduled due to Covid

Statement from the Eagles

Eagles get screwed

Mood in Philly with the news

A memo from the NFL

Saints head coach tests positive

Gio is moving to Indy

Thank you, Carson!

Here are our predictions for this week

Great work here by Michael Rubin and Meek Mill

No fans in Montreal

Close, but no cigar

The Flyers rebounded against Ottawa

Here we go again

A warning from Gritty

It’s not just the NFL and NHL that are feeling the pain from Covid

Kyrie Irving returning?

Not so fast

NBA postpones 5 games

This is out of control


They got caught and now they’re crying

Punish them!

Colbert was on fire


The tapes don’t lie, Marjorie

When will he shut up?

What does Trump have on these guys?

Rick Perry is an enemy of democracy

I see she hasn’t gotten any smarter over time

The Boss sold his music rights

Thee Stallion inspiring others

New music alert


This is interesting

How Bezos beat the tabloids


Tips for Tax season

That poor worker did nothing to deserve this

Someone call 911 because I’d like to report a murder

Cash money!

Tiger, Tiger Woods ya’ll

The similarities…

You gotta love it

A message from the King of the Ring

This feud is great!

Jake Paul wins another staged “fight”

Paul doesn’t want the smoke

Maybe stick to football, Frank

So funny

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