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Your Pi Brew (1/20/22): New Ben Simmons trade rumor, Howie SZN Begins, and more

We’re back with a new Brew. We might be a step closer to Ben Simmons being traded out of Philadelphia. Meanwhile, speculation with what moves the Eagles are going to make next season are starting to begin. Is Jalen Hurts safe as the starting QB or will the Birds try to bring in a veteran like Russell Wilson? What does Howie Roseman have in store for us with the Eagles three first round picks in the NFL Draft? We will see in due time. So let’s not keep you waiting any longer. It’s Brew time!

It’s going to be a long offseason

Annndddd we’re off..

More Russell Wilson talk

What are the Birds going to do with their first round picks?

It’s Howie SZN

Agree or disagree?

I can’t lie, this is enjoyable

Prescott should get way more blowback for this comment, but won’t

Here’s his apology

White privilege

Everyone loves to watch a train wreck

Eli Manning gets his gold chain

So funny

Awful play here from Kyler Murray

Eight teams remain

The Raiders make a move

Are we surprised?

Deal coming soon?

Big if true

So funny

Tough break for the Con Man

There’s definitely a conflict of interest here

The battle of the jackasses

“The best is yet to come!!!!!!”

Subpoenas for the clowns

The walls are closing in on Matt Gaetz

Yes! Put pressure on Manchin

Let’s hear ALL of the names


Order your free at-home tests NOW

Child tax credit info

Our Supreme Court is tainted too

This can’t be real life

Lord have mercy on my soul

Another cry for help outfit for Kanye

It’s always something with this guy

I do believe that TI is high off of the marijuana

Milan Fashion week

This should be epic

A Weird Al movie

Lord of the Rings TV series is coming

The Elimination Chamber is headed to Saudi Arabia

John Cena hasn’t watched AEW?

Cody Rhodes a free agent?

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