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Your Pi Brew (3/17/22): MLB and NFL free agency, Scott Hall passes away, and more

We’re back with a new Brew. We’re in the middle of a free agency frenzy in both the MLB and the NFL. The Phillies have picked up a couple of solid players, but will there be any huge signings or big trades? The bad guy Scott Hall passed away, but he didn’t go down without one last fight. March madness is here, but what do the Men’s and Women’s final four courts look like? As usual, we have a lot to get to, so let’s get to it. It’s Brew time!

The Phillies get a big bat

Relief help


A look at the new closer for the Phils

Freddie Freeman to the Dodgers

Kris Bryant to the Rockies

Another big bat for the Braves

The dynamic duo

Huge blow for the Padres

The Mariners load up on bats

The Blue Jays make a splash

Will Aaron Judge be forced to miss games?

Rizzo stays in New York

Welcome home, Mr. Reddick

Jason Kelce can do it all

Drama brewing in Green Bay

Von Miller to the Bills Mafia

The Cowboys hang onto Demarcus Lawrence


Julio Jones has been released

The new MNF crew

Who is the best in the Keystone state?

The Men’s NCAA Final Four court

The Women’s Final Four court

Notre Dame eliminates Rutgers

This is a huge conflict of interest

Comrad Carlson doing the enemies work

Democrat Joe Manchin’s greed is disgusting

Get this loser back in jail ASAP!!!!!!

Grammy performers

Lyft surcharge coming

Netflix is cracking down

Sara Blake Cheek goes after the haters

Mase takes shots at Diddy

J-Lo ages like a fine wine…good god!


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A post shared by Jennifer Lopez (@jlo)

Oh my Gawwwwwwwdddd!!!!

Would you want to see this fight?

Kanye is crying out for attention

Iron Mike is getting creative

R.I.P. to a legend

Hall fought til the very end

Triple H reacts

Hey yo!

Too sweeeeeeeet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes they will

Kevin Nash has a broken heart

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