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Your Pi Brew (4/4/22): Wrestlemania 38, Kansas eliminates Villanova, and more

We’re back with a new Brew. Wrestlemania 38 was held in Dallas in a two night extravaganza. Cody Rhodes is back in the WWE. Stone Cold Steve Austin put on one hell of a show. Ben Simmons continues to hustle without working. Villanova fell in the Final Four to Kansas. This Brew is jam packed, so let’s get right to it. It’s Brew time!

Stone Cold gets the W over Kevin Owens on Night 1

The Rattlesnake was victorious

What a pop for Stone Cold!

Stone Cold reflects

What a way to end the first night of Wrestlemania

Night 2 stunner to Pat McAfee

The sell from Austin Theory


Two Goats

I can’t believe my eyes

Rhodes gets the win in his return to the WWE

The behind the scenes

A completely different individual

Night 1 results

Triple H kicked off night 2 of Wrestlemania

Thank you, Hunter

Triple H’s work is never done

In an average at best match, Roman Reigns unifies the titles

Riddle with the RKO

Wee Man ran wild on Sami Zayn

Night 2 results

Hall of Famer…the Undertaker

Wrestlemania roundtable

Nova’s season comes to an end

Kansas was in control from the start

Career over for Collin Gillespie

That’s a great coach for you

Coach K at his last Final Four

The coach K tribute

UNC got it done in a thriller

A magical night

Kansas vs UNC on Monday night for the title

76ers clinch their spot in the playoffs

Joel Embiid on the JJ Redick podcast

MVP Talk

This guy and his agent are unreal

Will Ben Simmons even play this season?

Just remember…

The rich get richer


Phillies broadcasting news

DeGrom can’t catch a break

Double ouch for the Mets

Cry me a river, Brian

What don’t they want us to see?

Fox News does it again…

A Republican politician lying…you don’t say???

This song absolutely blows

Just what we need…another moron running for congress

Justice Clarence should not be a justice

Let’s see how many people this triggers

Nas performs at the Grammys

The Biebs and Mrs. Biebs at the Grammys

Saweetie looks smokin!!!!


Confirmed Tornado in Bucks County

Samoa Joe is All Elite

The return

Hannah Peeters news

Cardi B is a real one

Paige VanZant gets cheeky with it down in Miami

Beyoncรฉ ain’t playing around


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