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Your Pi Brew (8/8/22): The Phillies are Hot, Pete Rose, Terrell Owens, and more

We’re back with an all new Brew. The Phillies are rolling. Pete Rose returned to Philadelphia on Sunday and brought more controversy with him. Terrell Owens encountered a Karen. DJ Khaled released a new track. Eminem dropped an album. The Carter VI is on it’s way. We have a ton to get to, so lets do this! It’s Brew time.

A.J. Brown speaks on his end with the Titans

Controversy follows Pete Rose

The reception for Rose

The Phillies are rolling

Bryce Harper to return soon??

Interesting celebration

Jacob DeGrom is back and nastier than ever

Terrell Owens gets into it with a Karen

Kevin Durant and James Harden hanging at the Travis Scott concert

I don’t disagree


Dick Cheney calls Trump exactly what he is…

Alex Jones needs to be held accountable

Ron DeSantis is a dangerous man

This guy needs to be stopped…

It’s about damn time…

The Republican party is as crooked as it gets

Never forget

This is ridiculous

Lightning strike near White House

Brutal crash

Good news

Joker 2 news

The Joker 2 Teaser

Sexist job ad???

Adele and Rich Paul are doing it big!!!

For those that care…

Scream 6 is coming

New DJ Khaled

Curtain Call 2 is out now

More heat coming to the streets

Ma$e speaks on the Cam’ron beef

Alexis Skyy looks like a whole snack


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Business has picked back up in the WWE

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