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Strategic Showdown: Eagles’ potential bench move vs. Cardinals

In this article, we’ll be diving deep into the potential strategic decisions the Eagles might be making in their Week 17 game against the Cardinals on December 31. By revisiting historical NFL decisions and comparing team strategies, we’ll shed light on whether the Eagles should rest their stars or go full throttle against the Cardinals.

The Legacy of Late John Madden: The Raiders’ Dilemma in 1976

In NFL history, there have been defining moments that reflect the spirit of the game. John Madden, the former Raiders coach who later became a legendary commentator, had one such moment. Despite having already clinched the AFC West title and home field advantage in the playoffs, the Raiders faced a tough decision in 1976. 

The looming game against the Bengals could dictate the AFC Central title, potentially knocking the Steelers – a team that had been a thorn in the Raiders’ side – out of the playoffs. With the football world speculating that the Raiders might prefer the Bengals as their opponents, Madden dispelled those thoughts. They played to win.

“The worst thing you can say about someone, that they lost on purpose,” Madden said in a video played at his memorial in February 2022.

Tom Coughlin’s Approach: The 2007 Giants’ Strategy 

Another notable instance of playing the starters despite having little to gain was demonstrated by the 2007 New York Giants. Under Coach Tom Coughlin’s guidance, the team decided against resting its main players in the regular season finale, even though they were going head-to-head with the undefeated Patriots. The decision was a testament to their grit, determination, and commitment to the game, setting the tone for their eventual Super Bowl victory.

“History would not record that we did not do our best,” Coughlin wrote in an essay in the New York Times shortly after Madden’s death in December 2021. “Even though we lost, 38-35, the game proved to me and our team that we could play with the best.”

Eagles’ Current Season Aspirations: From Near Perfection to Renewed Ambition 


The Philadelphia Eagles are no strangers to the spotlight. Their 2022 season was nothing short of spectacular, with many viewing them as the top dogs in the NFL. 

Their powerful offense, notably enhanced by the acquisition of receiver A.J. Brown, combined with their relentless defense, made them a force to reckon with. However, the narrative took a heartbreaking turn in the Super Bowl’s fourth quarter when they suffered a loss to Patrick Mahomes’ magic, accentuated by a controversial holding call. As they approach the end of the 2023 season, they seek to rewrite their story with a perfect ending.

Cardinals’ Forward Vision: Rebuilding Amidst Challenges 

The Arizona Cardinals faced significant challenges during their offseason. Despite having a sizable salary-cap space, their free agency moves (or the lack of them) raised many eyebrows. 

Losing crucial players like Zach Allen and Byron Murphy Jr. was a setback. Furthermore, with their star player, safety Budda Baker, requesting a trade, the team has been under considerable scrutiny. Their title drought, which has persisted since 1947, has only added to the pressure. The first half of the 2021 season showcased their potential, but the subsequent decline has left fans and critics eager for a revival.

The Week 17 Crucial Matchup: Eagles vs. Cardinals: More Than Just a Game 

The Eagles’ Week 17 game against the Cardinals is shaping up to be one of the most crucial games of the season. With aspirations for home field advantage in the NFC Playoffs, the Eagles are in a position where they must decide between resting their key players or going full throttle. 

Giving the Cardinals any form of advantage, especially when the stakes are so high, might not be in their best interests. Cardinals fans, while hopeful, will undoubtedly be on the edge of their seats. For those looking to bet, Cardinals fans can find Arizona sportsbook betting promo codes all season, making the event even more exhilarating.

To Rest or Not to Rest: The Age-Old NFL Dilemma

The decision to rest star players, especially when the stakes of the game aren’t immediately clear, has been an age-old dilemma in the NFL. 

While it might seem prudent to protect key players from potential injuries, there’s also the argument that the momentum and team synergy might be disrupted. Historical decisions, like those made by Madden and Coughlin, exemplify the benefits of keeping the competitive spirit alive, regardless of the immediate stakes.

Eagles’ Potential Game Plan: Strategizing for Victory 

(AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

As the Eagles approach the Week 17 game, their strategy will be under the microscope. Given their heartbreaking Super Bowl loss, they might be more motivated to maintain momentum. Utilizing their strengthened offense and robust defense will be critical. Moreover, understanding the Cardinals’ potential game plan will also play a pivotal role in their strategic decisions.

Cardinals’ Hope for Redemption: The Quest to Break the Drought 

The Cardinals, despite their challenges, still harbor hopes of redemption. Their journey to break the longest title drought in major North American professional sports won’t be easy, but every game offers a chance to rewrite their story. Their performance against the Eagles will not only be a testament to their growth but also a statement of intent for the future.

Conclusion: A Game to Remember: The NFL’s Chess Match 

The Week 17 game between the Eagles and the Cardinals promises to be a strategic showdown, a true chess match of the NFL. With so much at stake and the weight of history on both sides, it’s bound to be a game that will long be remembered by fans and analysts alike.

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