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Schefter: Eagles Informed Sam Bradford Wants to be Traded

Things just got real in Philadelphia. According to Adam Schefter, the Eagles have been informed that Sam Bradford wants to be traded and that he will not be showing up for their off-season program any longer.

I guess the whispers last week were true¬†that he was going to request a trade. We told you about the math on trading him, so it appears that we can re-visit that now. Bradford is clearly bothered by the fact that the Birds traded up to pick two in the upcoming NFL draft, but c’mon, man! His knees are as unreliable as can be, so can you blame the Eagles for looking to the future?

Last night, Yahoo! Sports’ Charles Robinson reported that Bradford won’t be requesting a trade and was ready for the challenge of proving he’s a franchise quarterback. Clearly, whoever it was that leaked that to Robinson is eating some crow today. And, so is Robinson.


Nick’s take: Bradford is such a waste. Dude hasn’t proven he belongs in the NFL one lick and he’s already demanding trades because an NFL franchise isn’t committed to him long-term? Despite, you know, the contract he signed clearly being one from a noncommittal franchise. Get this guy off my team.


  1. Brian

    Just shows he never REALLY wanted to be here. All about the money. That’s why he resigned.

  2. Wentz the draft?

    Brian, I agree to an extent. But, I think if he really didn’t want to come back, he could have taken less money in NY, Denver, San Francisco or even Houston before Brock signed

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