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Week 2 Fantasy Football stars and stiffs

Week 1 is in the books and it left us yearning for more action. From missed catches to dumb play calls, the preliminary thoughts will just make you scratch your head. However, watching rookies like Sam Darnold step up and second-year backs like Alvin Kamara exceeding high projections made it all worth my time.

Will Jimmy G bounce back? Is Derrick Henry playing second fiddle in Titanland? Allen Robinson is better than this, isn’t he? Will Denver ever truly have a #1 RB in 2018? These are just a sample of the questions left up for debate. Bring on Week 2!

As always, I look forward to your opinions and feedback. You can tweet me with any questions (@TCutillo23) and leave your comments below. Here are my [PPR] picks for Week 1:

Week 2 Stars (Last week:  5 for 7)


Jared Goff (ARZ): He looked to pick right up where he left off in 20177 and now will take his newly formed arsenal into Arizona against a team that still can’t make the right decision when it comes to QB. Why is Sammie Sleeves still under center? This will be another 30+ point outburst for the Rams.

Jimmy Garoppolo (DET): Jimmy G did not have the debut he wanted and wound up losing his first game as a starter. However, the Lions are reeling after losing to a rookie in Darnold. The locker room is already starting to question Matt Patricia’s coaching style, which can’t be good for on-field morale.


Chris Thompson (IND): Yes, AP is the main ball carrier in Washington and looked very good. However, Thompson does it all and was on the field for more than half the offensive snaps. He lines up all over and is a PPR gift!

Jay Ajayi (@TB): After taking 15 carries win Week 1, his production should go about to about 20 in Week 2. Ajayi is an explosive and violent runner that will make TB feel like they just got trucked.

Dion Lewis (HOU): Coming into the season, I wasn’t a Derrick Henry guy and didn’t understand all the hype. After a win over Miami, my thoughts were justified by Lewis. He shifty run style and exceptional hands coming out of the backfield have made him a favorite target of Marcus Mariota. Start him  with confidence.


Emmanuel Sanders (OAK): I was all in on him coming into this season and after Week 1, and I still am. He lined up all over the field and will continue to be the main target for Case Keenum and the Broncos. He will continue to show he should have been the first receiver selected in Denver.

Josh Gordon (@NO): After being left in the dark regarding Gordon’s status by Hue Jackson, he entered the game and did what he does best, score! This week he goes up against a defense who couldn’t stop a scab team for the 90s. What do you think the result will be?

Allen Robinson (SEA): Robinson started off hot, then disappeared in the final three quarters in Green Bay. This week will be a different story. Seattle isn’t the legion of boom anymore and Mitch will earn to go to his #1 guy!

Week 2 Stiffs (Last week: 7 for 7)


Ryan Fitzpatrick (PHI): I know this may be a familiar pick, but the difference between defenses he will face week to week is astronomical. Not eve a beard trim can make him a viable option this week.

Matt Ryan (@CAR): Matty Ice played right into his label by not producing when it counts. Look for other options in Week 2.


Derrick Henry (HOU): See Dion Lewis above. Henry is lost in an offense that doesn’t fit him!

Chris Carson (@CHI): The Bears’ defense held the Packers’ running attack in check with Khalil Mack being winded in the second half. This week, he will be at full strength and ready to finish off his opponent.


Sammy Watkins (@PIT): On a team where he is the fourth option, there isn’t enough to make him a quality starter on anyone’s fantasy football squad.

Amari Cooper (DEN): One catch for nine yards! Until we figure out what Gruden is doing in Oakland, Cooper will be riding the pine and sipping on some Gatorade.

Larry Fitzgerald (@LAR): You are going to see this kind of explanation for numerous weeks going ahead. The Cardinals are a “Bad” (slang) team. Use caution with any WR you start. If you combine this with the crazy eyes of Sammie Sleevesd, Week 2 could be a lost one for Fitz.

Sleepers: (Last week: 2 for 2)

Tyrod Taylor (@NO) – I know he didn’t blow anyone away in Week 1, but he still managed a solid game in adverse weather conditions. This week, he plays a New Orleans team that made Ryan Fitzpatrick look like Peyton Manning in his prime.

Kenny Golladay (@SF) – Coming off a week where he saw 12 targets, I fully expect Golladay to take another step to solidify himself as Stafford’s #1 guy.

Bust Alert: (Last Week 2 for 2)

Russell Wilson (@CHI) – Who is he throwing the ball to? Sure, he has Brandon Marshall, but this isn’t 2013. With the lack of weapons on offense and the stout defense of Chicago, Wilson will be wishing he could revert the clock all day.

Davante Adams (MIN) – With the uncertainty of Aaron Rodgers under center and a man roaming the secondary by the name of “X,’ Sunday could be a long day in the neighborhood for Mr. Adams.

The Week 2 Heat Gauge

Three Players Who Are Kicking up the Temperature

Philip Rivers (@BUF):Buffalo stinks and Rivers will be launching the rock all afternoon. Plus, it’s not winter yet, so weather shouldn’t be a factor.

Bilal Powell (MIA): Crowell may be the starter in New York, but Powell is the PPR producer. He may have only got two looks in Week 1, but it was a blowout and he tallied 60 yards on the ground. This week, the targets return.

Devin Funchess (ATL): He only manged three catches in the opening week, but the team went conservative and decided to stay with short passes and designed runs. This week, gloves are off and the passing attack is back. No Greg Olsen means more Funchess.

Three Players Who are Lowering the Setpoint

Eli Manning (@DAL):The offensive line woes continue and Marinelli always comes prepared.

Marshawn Lynch (@DEN) – Already banged up and running in an offense that still has no identity. Denver isn’t the kind of defense you try to make a name for yourself against.

Kelvin Benjamin (LAC): One catch for 10 yards. Really? My faith in all things Benjamin is gone.


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