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Your Morning Brew (4/26/21): NFL Draft, George Floyd, WWE called out, and more

We are days away from the NFL Draft. Will the Eagles keep their 12th pick? Will they wheel and deal and move up? Or will they do the Philadelphia Eagles Draft special and draft down? Only time will tell. Meanwhile, Joel Embiid is out in the community doing great things. Derek Chauvin was convicted of all three charges against him in his trial for murdering George Floyd. This and so much in this week’s Brew. Let’s get to it.

Who are some players to watch for the Eagles?

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Well said

The Chiefs are beefing up at O-Line

This looks mean and nasty

Check out these digs for the Rams’ draft location

Here’s who is attending the draft in-person

Zach Wilson to the Jets?

Do we really care?

Cowboys appear to love Kyle Pitts

Dolphins not done dealing?

Are the Patriots looking for a QB?

Shaq voices his opinion on NBA MVP

Speaking of Embiid

18 years ago

Bryce Harper is really good at baseball

Derek Chauvin Guilty on all three charges

George Floyd’s family reacts

More Floyd family reaction

This is a problem

The verdict led Tucker Carlson to have a meltdown on national television

Former President Obama weighs in

Just in case

Around the same time as the Derek Chauvin verdict, tragedy struck again

And another cop shooting

Method Man and Redman on Verzuz

Their chemistry is phenomenal


The WU!


DMX memorial

What a way to go out

Clean up your mess, Kevin

Ted Cruz cannot stop lying

Did someone say lies?

Josh Hawley continues to be a disappointment in life

Caitlyn Jenner is running for governor of California

And Jenner’s campaign advisor is:

India is in trouble

Not a good look for WWE

More from Mickie

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon respond

Vince McMahon is crazy

I’m sure LeBron James is devastated

The Jets and Maple Leafs don’t like each other

You love to see it

Jorge Masvidal got rocked!

Ja Morant Ladies and Gentlemen

This year’s MLB All-Star Game has officially been moved to Colorado

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