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Your Morning Brew (6/1/21): Thrust the Process, out of control fans, and more

We’re back! It’s June. The Sixers are in full command of their series against the Wizards, leading 3-1. Joel Embiid has the City of Philadelphia in the palm of his hands and if you’re not down with that – well, he has two words for you. Unfortunately, Game 4 saw Embiid go down with an injury. Game 5 in Philly will see a full crowd at the Wells Fargo Center. Meanwhile, fans in sports are getting completely out of hand. AEW’s Double or Nothing took place Sunday night and was a good one. So let’s keep it moving and get things started. It’s Brew time.

The legend of Joel Embiid continues to grow

Thrust the Process

Jojo is a big DX fan

Triple H and Shawn Michaels respond

The WWE knows

This is so good

I don’t want it to stop

And more

The Sixers were dominant in Game 3


The Sixers had them shook in Game 3

And another one from Triple H

Joel Embiid went down in Game 4 with an injury

Here was the injury

The Wiz survived Game 4

One idiot ruined it for the City


Words from Westbrook

Statement from the Sixers

Statement from the Wells Fargo Center

Meanwhile in New York

In Boston

Here’s another angle

Kevin Durant speaks out

See ya, pal

Fan runs onto court

And then we have this Dodgers fan

Back to New York – these fans want a participation trophy

And I don’t think these fans really want the smoke


The Bucks make easy work of the Heat

Nick Sirianni’s t-shirt game is spectacular

What an entrance

When the AEW meets the NFL

Good stuff after the show

It’s all about the up and comers

Another former member of the WWE is heading to AEW


I don’t believe they “back the blue” like they say they do

What a disgrace

Such a shame

Here’s the truth

Another one of the scumbags was caught

Tell them, Keith

This is not normal

The President takes a dig at some hypocrites

Here’s the list

A lunatic flew on Southwest Airlines

What is wrong with people today?

While on the topic of lunatics

Cue the reactions


Mass shooting in Miami

Memorial Day Weekend was a wash out

People still wanted to come down anyway

Covid Vaccines at the Shore

You can’t stop the tourists in Philadelphia

This play really happened

Depression is real

The Match is back

So many fans at the Indy 500

Alright, Alright, Alright

The Maple Leafs choked



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