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Your Morning Brew (9/27/21): Eagles-Cowboys, Ben Simmons, WWE Extreme Rules, and more

We’re back at it with an all new Morning Brew. It’s Dallas week, so you know what that means; screw the Cowboys! The Eagles will play the Cowboys tonight on Monday Night football. WWE Extreme Rules took place last night and the head of the table retained his Universal title. Ben Simmons is showing us that he doesn’t have the testicular fortitude to play in Philadelphia any longer. So let’s get right to it, it’s Brew time.

I’m looking forward to this

The final injury report

You already know


Sirianni speaks

Randy Gregory returns

Dallas fans are deplorable

A new era in Sixers broadcasting

This is what entitled looks like

What a joke

Cry me a river

Doc Rivers on Ben Simmons

What a mess

Absolutely not

Simmons to the Nuggets?


Good interview

Flyers news

Training camp roster

Roman Reigns retained the Universal title

Absolute chaos

Safety first

A wild ending

Sasha Banks made her return and kicked ass

The Boss is back indeed


Big E vs Bobby Lashley will kick off Raw tonight

Ric Flair issues another statement on sexual assault

Holy sh#t!

Omega vs Danielson was pretty awesome

Live commentary by The Straight Shooters

AEW fan boy Bryan Alvarez… oof!

Another nut job from the cult of Don the Con

They never stop lying

There’s something seriously wrong with this guy

James O’Keefe is at it again with his BS

It’s all about the money

Every year Project Veritas manipulates videos for the right wing cause


Way to go, dork

They knew, they just love to grift

Don the Con is suing someone? Color me shocked!

Say it louder for the losers in the back

Sorry Don

You know it’s bad when Fox News bans you

I’m not surprised


The final trailer for Halloween Kills has been released

Well isn’t this something?

Mom’s Spaghetti

The ad

This is interesting

This is going to be good


Jackson Mahomes is sooooo annoying


Sweet Caroline

Chug a beer!


Justin Tucker from 66 yards out for the win

Scary stuff here

Get well, Big Red

College Football Playoff talk

Nice try, Vanderbilt

Down goes Clemson…again!

How it ended

Take it to the house

Good grief

Interesting read

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