Nigel Bradham Pleads Not Guilty to His “Dumbass Thing”


Eagles linebacker Nigel Bradham pled not guilty to a concealed weapons charge, according to TMZ Sports.

Bradham was arrested back on Oct. 2 at Miami International Airport after TSA officials allege that he had a loaded weapon in his bag. In the days following his arrest, Eagles Defensive Coordinator Jim Schwartz essentially called Bradham a “dumbass.”

Bradham won’t be able to weasel his way out of this one as he could be facing up to six months in prison.

TMZ reports that Bradham had a concealed weapons permit, however, Bradham was out on bond from his assault case this summer and he was not able to carry a gun.

This weapons charge is a 2nd degree misdemeanor, which could bring up to six months of jail time, if Bradham is convicted.

Additionally, regardless if Bradham is convicted or not, he also is subject to discipline from the NFL, which could add insult to injury.

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