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Report: LeSean McCoy NOT Expected to be Charged for Nightclub Fight

According to report from Vic Carucci of the Buffalo News, LeSean McCoy will not face any charges from the nightclub fight at Recess Lounge a couple of weeks ago. However, Carucci says that someone with him during the incident could be.

There’s been debate over the last week of whether McCoy would actually be charged or not. The fact that he potentially won’t be shouldn’t surprise anyone. Money buys freedom. The mayor should know that. And what about Hollis Thomas’ sources that say McCoy definitely hit the first sucker-punch?

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that there might be a fall guy here. McCoy must’ve watched Chris Carter tell rookies to get a “fall guy.”

Well done, Shady. Well done.

UPDATE: Philly DA spokseman Cameron Kline said the report that McCoy isn’t getting charged was “utterly wrong.” ESPN Bills reporter Mike Rodak with more:


  1. Josh Innes

    But I have exclusive information from 6 unknown sources who are very close to the case who know exactly what happened!

    Ain’t that right, Tank?

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